Please review the following forms prior to your initial meeting. It would be helpful for you to print them off and bring them in on your first appointment.

    1. The Informed Consent form is the beginning of a continuous process throughout the counselling relationship. Its purpose is to share some important principles of the counselling process so that your decision to proceed in working together can be based on accurate, informed expectations of your risks, rights, and obligations, as well as the benefits in counselling.
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    1. Counselling is a paradoxical mix of relationship and service provision.? ?Where the Informed Consent form attempts to outline the therapeutic relationship, the Billing Agreement centres on the provision of services for a fee.? The Billing Agreement form helps me meet my ethical responsibilities through clear communication and ensures that you, the client, has a solid understanding of my billing practices.
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    1. The Intake form is a method for me to collect and retain any relevant personal and contact information in one location.? It gives us a starting point of interaction.


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